This is an overview about other projects having their origin at Phorward Software Technologies, but are not under continuous development for now or anymore.


The former flagship product RapidBATCH was until v5.1 a powerful scripting language for Windows. It was re-started as an open source project in 2017, based on the source code of the version 6.0 that was started in 2009, but - unfortunatelly - never got to an end.

Visit the RapidBATCH repository on GitHub: https://github.com/phorward/rapidbatch.
More information and former versions can be found on https://www.rapidbatch.com.


pynetree is both a Python library and a command-line utility for parsing. It implements an interesting approach of a top-down packrat parser with support of direct and indirect left recursive grammars.

Visit pynetree on GitHub: https://github.com/phorward/pynetree.


JS/CC is a parser generator similar to UniCC, implemented in and targetting JavaScript. It was initially written in 2007, and released to the public. Some creative heads around the globe developed it further into a state that lost the focus of Phorward Software Technologies, focusing its development on Node.JS and other, current developments. It came to a nice state, but project maintainance has been moved to others.

Visit JS/CC on GitHub: https://github.com/abrobston/jscc.