phorward, pynetree, JS/CC and UniCC

Hey everyone,

we just updated this website to provide latest news... so Phorward Software Technologies is still not dead! We're also planning to switch this website to a newer content management system, and make it a more "private", open source style. Phorward Software is still the most-private software development of Jan Max Meyer. There is no commercial software development planned for now. - So what's new?


Already during end of last year, we began with some development on a new parser toolkit approach named pynetree, which entirely runs on top of the Python programming language. Read the new pynetree product site here to get more information, if you are familiar with the Python programming language.

It has been used within the ViUR information system so far, within the tiny expressional language called logics. pynetree has also its own domain, serving at


The phorward toolkit is also still under its 0.18 development stage. The library will be continued to be feature complete with a current redesign of the abstract syntax tree construction.

Best of all: pynetree and phorward share the same TBNF grammar definition language. This could be useful somewhere in the future (currently we're not sure where this road ends...).


JS/CC logoOur older parser generator project JS/CC, that was released already in 2007 as the very first open source project, now found new friends and was entirely redesigned. The software is continued by Andrew Brobston, who is new maintainer of the project and the entire further development. Official THANKS to him for making JS/CC to a modern JavaScript-based open source software project, running on the frontier of Node.JS and related technologies.


UniCC, the universal parser generator, will be hold compileable with the latest versions of the phorward toolkit. There is no efforts in continuing this project anymore due to changing interest. UniCC heavily influenced the latest developments in the phorward toolkit so far.