Phorward Software begins to create own build wrapper system

The last time, we tested around with some platform independent build-tools to optimize the build-process for the Phorward Foundation Libraries, the UniCC Parser Generator and subsequent projects.

The GNU autotools and Kitware's CMake where the favorites. Both systems provide many nice features and a well-tested and proven application base. But they do also have their disadvantages. autotools seemed too oversized for Phorward Software's business plan, also the Windows portage was not that sucessfull. CMake was easy to handle, the Unix build process ran fine, but the results - e.g. Visual C++ project files - also had been too oversized.

This brought us back to the idea of creating an own, Makefile-based build-system, but with much more platform independency than before.

The concept is simple: Makefiles are written in the usual way, but the Phorward Foundation Toolkit (this will be the new name of the Phorward Foundation Libraries) will provide wrapper scripts that provide a platform indepentent invocation interface, and then call build programs platform dependently. A configuration tool will figure out which tools are invoked in which way. By installing the build-tools to the system's standard directories, the Phorward build system will be made available to other solutions.

It is planned to support the following platforms.

The new build-system will take place in the final version 0.17 of the Phorward Foundation Toolkit. Check out the Mercurial repository for the latest changes to be up-to-date with the latest development stages.