UniCC with JavaScript support

UniCC version 1.5 has just been released. It comes with a bunch of new features and improvements, and is available als Linux tarball and pre-compiled Windows setup package.

  • New targets for JavaScript and JSON.
  • Targets C and C++ improved to avoid memory leaking and handle malloc/realloc
    calls more securely.
  • All targets now supporting the UNICC_SUCCESS and UNICC_ERROR flags that
    can be set as current act (action) to stop parsing.
  • Started a grammar and templates test suite for better continous integration.
  • Compiled and linked against libphorward 0.23.
  • Removed outdated syntax-tree feature from C target.

In general, we would like to focus further development of all parser-related developments entirely into the UniCC project now. So the parser-related parts of the Phorward library will be moved and continued into UniCC soon. We plan to add support for GLR parsing and more target languages, but keep UniCC in a state to be useable for production parser development at all the time. We're still searching for help, if you're interested, contact us!

UniCC build