The Mission behind Phorward Software

An image of a console showing the Phorward Foundation LibrariesPhorward Software Technologies is a software company from Dortmund, Germany.

It considers itself as developer and distributor of high-performance software solutions for both professional industry-standard software development and end-users in the area of

Phorward Software brings back the wind to end-user development tools like the RapidBATCH scripting platform, but also provides professional products for higher software development tasks entirely residing to the area of systems programming, compiler construction and domain specific languages, for example the UniCC LALR(1) Parser Generator.

Phorward Software Technologies is also the new name of the software company formerly known as J.M.K S.F. Software Technologies. During the last five years of silent operation, many new ideas and concepts had been followed, and much knowledge had been acquired. This knowledge now becomes part of these new concepts and products of Phorward Software Technologies.

An image of Tux, the Linux mascot.Currently, Phorward Software Technologies arranges a new portfolio of compiler development solutions, serving also as the toolchain for the final end-user flagship product, RapidBATCH version 6. Phorward's software solutions are natively developed on and for the Linux®-platform, but are not limited to it only - the Windows® platforms will be supported by all products. The philosophy of the concept behind open source software had also become a fundamental part of Phorward Software's business plan.

Let's move Phorward!