Some background

Some visitors of this page may think, that Phorward Software Technologies is a big software corporation.

An image of Jan MaxWell, I have to regret this impression. Phorward Software Technologies is the name of an avocational business maintained by one person. That's me on the left, Jan Max Meyer.

I'm a software developer from Dortmund (Germany) and was born in 1985. Most parts of this business, including the whole software and product development process is maintained by myself in my spare-time, some kind of hobby. Althought Phorward Software Technologies is only a hobby project, it is an existing business registered in the city of Dortmund, Germany.

Phorward Software Technologies and its previous name, J.M.K S.F. Software Technologies, give me a way to develop and provide useful software tools for various applications to the public, and certainly earn some peanuts alongside with some of these solutions. Maybe, in future, I would like to make Phorward Software to my main business, but for now it is only a one-man corporation, creating and delivering software solutions that go far behind the solutions of a big company!

Phorward Software is not my only leisure activity, there are also some more, entirely different things I do next to computer programming (remember, this is also my main profession). If you want to assist me with this business, in any kind or way, please tell me and don't avoid to drop a mail.