Welcome to the Phorward Software Technologies!

An image showing a keyboard with a "Remove before flight" bannerPhorward Software Technologies is a software company which develops and offers solutions and products around the area of compiler construction, scripting languages and general software development tools.

Phorward Software Technologies is also the new name of the company formerly known as J.M.K S.F. Software Technologies, and after a several year downtime of "silent working" now returns under another company name with many new inovative ideas and products.

The following pages should give a presentation of the company and its mission, an overview about the new software-solutions Phorward Software provides and a news area where the latest updates and notes on already available and upcoming products of Phorward Software will be presented.

Enjoy your visit!

Obtain all of our current and legacy software (including RapidBATCH or Turbo/PL²) from here now: phorward-software.com/download/